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The Neighborhood

You will find the Dumbo neighborhood across the famous Brooklyn bridge specifically from its acronym Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It has a fascinating history that will surely interest you. It is one of the most known tourist attractions in the city with great and funky restaurants, authentic galleries and heavenly waterfront views.


The ambiance in Dumbo is laid back and very relaxing. It is an excellent choice for couples raising a small family. The park and the river alone are just additional spices to describe how great this neighborhood is. Dumbo is a place where most travelers flock together, the picturesque scenery from every corner of the street, unique boutique stores, exquisite cuisines, and interesting recreational activities. 


Median Rent

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It is getting known recently by most business owners because of its spacious office space and location which is conveniently situated between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Accessibility and extensive public transportation are what sets it apart from other neighborhoods. 

One of the reasons why most people desire to live here is because of the location of the river and the park, with the two being together is already a great selling point, as you can imagine a wide-open backyard for your family’s playground.


Dumbo overall is amazing and a really inviting neighborhood. However, with all these essential developments being industrial or residential, the number of tourists affect the congestion in the area. Being an in-demand neighborhood result in bringing more money, another reason why the Apartments here are quite expensive.

Hot Spots

The Dumbo Walls

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Powerhouse Arena

Main Street Park 

Jane’s Carousel



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