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Alpaca is an AI-driven bot that intelligently filters through thousands of listings to find you the perfect home. When you match with trusted listings you love, Alpaca helps you schedule remote or in-person viewings - all at no extra fee to the renter.

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Expedite your search.

Just tell us what you're looking for. Alpaca will do the heavy lifting for you, instantly search through thousands of listings.

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Trust the listings.

We work directly with landlords to ensure all listings are legitimate and trustworthy. In our member-to-member listings, artificial intelligence automatically detects and removes anything we don't trust.

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Forget extra fees.

We can't promise that a building won't involve standard fees, but we can promise that using Alpaca is entirely free to you, the renter.

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View the property from anywhere.

Not in the city, or busy at work? Alpaca offers both in-person and video-call tours so you don't miss a listing.

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Our chatbot Alex matches you with apartments based on your preferences. We filter through thousands of listings, help you request viewings, remote or in person.