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Everything you should know about Battery Park City

ZIP Code: 10280, 10006, 10080, 10282, 10004

BPC is New York's safe haven. It is highly recommended to rent an apartment in Battery Park City for families and young professionals who wish to have a work-life balance ambiance. The real estate in this part of the City is mainly residential with top-notch buildings and scenic views of the Hudson River.

Why you should move to Battery Park City

Battery Park City showcases the magnificent skyline of New York City. With the numerous outdoor activities it offers, it gives you the chance to have a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Manhattan. It has a laid back, relaxing and refreshing aura. Most residents and tourists with no age limitation get to enjoy the view from every corner of the park, it's like a huge open playground for everyone. 

Mostly young professionals who work in the Financial districtor World Trade Center rent apartments in BPC because of its accessibility to almost everything. They have great finds, like the burgers in Shake Shack or the Public Arts in Battery Park City Authority. The schools here are top-notch too plus the coziness of the residences making it ideal for a family-friendly type of neighborhood.

Like the other neighborhoods, Battery Park City is a known location for movie tapings. Some of the famous movies held here are Blindspot, Men in Black, Hitch, Person of interest and many more. In addition to that, some renowned artists in the film making industry saw this hidden gem as their safe haven, like Tyra Banks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oliver Stone, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

What you can do in Battery Park City

Enjoy a lovely stroll around Rockefeller park, do a healthy bike ride or a jog in the morning all throughout the length of The Esplanade, unwind on the soft, green grass in Teardrop Park while your little ones enjoy their youth in the nearby playgrounds or just simply appreciate the nature and calmness by reading a book while enjoying the luscious scenery, giving you a stellar serenity you very well deserve.

Even your dog merits a lively walk in Sirius Dog Run; Battery Park City is good for all types of outdoor activities you can possibly think of that can tighten bonds with friends and family alike.

The neighborhood vibe

The Vibe
The mood of the residents here is warm yet lively. It will definitely set someone's spirit by the atmospheric approach of the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, and Skyscraper, altogether.

the neighborhood heart

The Heart
Teardrop Park, the hidden gem of New York with amazing rock formation, located in between buildings, right by the port authority, and close to Roosevelt Park.

neighborhood best known for

Best known for
Over the years, Battery Park City developed newly built, high-end residential and commercial buildings. Getting around on foot is more accessible than owning a car. It is filled with luxury condominiums with great views.

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Love walking around, bicycle strolls, and courtyard activities? Then Battery Park City is the right neighborhood for you to rent an apartment! Reach out to our Chatbot Alex on Facebook to get apartment recommendations and schedule viewings or check our article about the best rental websites in NYC

This is what Battery Park City is like

The neighborhood is located in the Southernmost tip of Manhattan, it is historically rich where you'll get to enjoy visiting the monuments honoring veterans and their must-see Museum, like the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Besides this, some locals and tourists pay a visit to other open space parks like the Irish Hunger memorial, Teardrop Park, and the famous south end Avenue.

Lifestyle in Battery Park City

Take a peek of what it's like to live in this lively and tranquil neighborhood. Being surrounded by busy districts, you'll find your oasis in Battery Park City; rent apartments in BPC to enjoy the vibrantly green environment.

What is it like to live in Battery Park City

You can find a rich variety of people in this quiet neighborhood; be it children or working adults, tourists or residents alike, Battery Park City welcomes all in their warm and peaceful district. 

This neighborhood is great for people who love nature and doing outdoor activities. The Esplanade is perfect for a lovely walk or a healthy city bike while admiring the great Hudson River in the morning. During lunchtime, you'll see families enjoying a hearty meal; either outside, enjoying the fresh air in Teardrop Park, or inside eateries such as Hudson Eats, which is great for a tender, family catch-up.

Getting a ride either by bus or train; you'll see tons of working professionals finding it easy to get to work every day by riding the Line 1 subway, from South Ferry to Rector street, all under 3 minutes. 

Furthermore, tourists and travelers find the commute handy to hop over destinations with ease, making daily travels a "walk in the park."

What is the nightlife like in Battery Park City

Battery Park City is a quiet area with very limited nightlife. The bars and restaurants that populate the area tend to close earlier than in other parts of the city. You’ll likely find yourself commuting north or into Brooklyn if you’re seeking a vibrant evening atmosphere!

Although there isn’t much for nightlife in BPC, Pier A stands out as a popular destination for happy hour. Near the southwestern tip of the city, Pier A offers both indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty itself. At sunset, photographers can frequently be seen flocking to this pier and the surrounding boardwalk.

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Battery Park City Benefits


Looking for a calm, green, and clean environment? Renting an apartment in Battery Park City can never go wrong. The commute in this district isn't as tough compared to surrounding neighborhoods, such as the Financial District.

Nature-lovers would find this a bliss since you can enjoy a lovely walk or a hearty bike-ride to anywhere you need to go since most of the landmarks are in walkable distances; if not, the spotless streets and verdant parks would blow you away since every nook and cranny feels like the kind of sceneries you’d only see in paintings, making commuting a relaxing experience, thanks to their active community that's dedicated to preserving the eco-friendliness vibe of the environment.

Battery Park City is also one of the top options you might want to consider when you’re looking for a safe neighborhood to raise your kid.


Most would expect that, due to Battery Park City's beauty, the nightlife and shopping leisure would be equally great, but unfortunately, it isn't. Although there are a few stores and malls, such as the Brookfield Place or Davidoff Of Geneva Downtown NY, some might actually find their options limited.

Moreover, despite the neighborhood being known to have such a calming vibe, being relatively close to one of it's busiest neighbors (Financial District), you can expect to see quite a volume of tourists on a day-to-day basis.

Public places in Battery Park City

Colleges / Universities

  • Bgb Communications
  • College Of New Rochelle
  • Colorado Technical University - Online/Stonecliffe
  • Empire State College
  • Hebrew Union College
  • Institute of Culinary Education
  • International Culinary Center
  • Metropolitan College of New York
  • Mildred Elley-New York Campus
  • Nyc Doe Stuyvesant Hs
  • New York Middle East Institute
  • The King’s College


  • Battery Park Veterinary Hospital
  • Bellevue Hospital Center
  • Benjamin Arbesfeld
  • M.D.
  • City of New York
  • Lenox Health Greenwich Village
  • Medical Communications
  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel Emergency Room

Parks & Recreation

  • Battery Park City Parks
  • Bowling Green
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Castle Clinton National Monument
  • Esplanade Plaza
  • North End Dog Run
  • Parks Dog Run
  • Pumphouse Park
  • Rockefeller Park
  • South Cove Park
  • The Battery
  • The Battery Fountain
  • Teardrop Park
  • Wagner Park
  • West Thames Park

Places you should visit in Battery Park City

Giovanni da Verrazzano Monument

This statue memorializes a historical figure of a man who charted the east coast. It's surrounded by a variety of shops and eateries which is very handy for tourists.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

In regard to the fallen heroes of the Korean War in '50, ‘The Universal Soldier’ celebrates peace at exactly 10 AM through its sundial, symbolizing the exact time when the war ended.

Statue of Liberty View Point

Admire the brilliance of Lady Liberty in the Southernmost tip of Manhattan, giving you a clear view of its splendor. This is best viewed during sunset.

The Freedom Tower

Also known as One World Trade Center, the sixth-tallest building in the world is your best option to observe the New York City skyline through their Observatory.

How to get around in Battery Park City


subway line 4subway line 5
Bowling Green
subway line 1subway line Rsubway line W
Cortlandt St
subway line 1subway line Rsubway line W
Rector St
subway line 1
South Ferry
subway line Rsubway line W
Whitehall St
walk score of Battery Park City

Transit Score: 100

Getting in the subway then trains and buses is something that people would enjoy here. Commuting is more of an adventure than a hustle here.

bike score of Battery Park City

Bike Score: 84

Could be because people tend to enjoy the ride in public transit rather than biking on their own. But this isn’t really a bad score after all.

walk score of Battery Park City

Walk Score: 97

The neighborhood is a relaxed place to be. It's a perfect fit for those types of people who enjoy walking while exploring what the city has to offer.

Learn more about Battery Park City

The average rent for a studio in Battery Park City is $3,360.
The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Battery Park City is $4,130.
The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Battery Park City is $6,750.
The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Battery Park City is $11,760.
Battery Park has many monuments giving tribute to soldiers. It is also in fact the gateway to two of the most iconic landmarks in New York City: Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty.
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Landlords ask for proof that household income meets 40x the monthly rent. Credit scores are a minimum of 650 and documents include the last two pay stubs, bank statements, offer letter, or W2.
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Battery Park City, one of the greenest districts in New York City, has all that New York has to offer. And when the drapes are drawn it becomes the perfect setting for a good quality life.
One of which are: Battery Park City Parks, Bowling Green, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. These parks are perfect for kids as well as those that are kids at heart. The best parks to have a quality time with the family.
The neighborhood's rates of assault, homicide, and theft, are all significantly below the national average, and it's frequently rated as one of NYC's safest neighborhoods. Yet one of the best ones to live.
Battery Park City has been reported from the previous years being the most expensive neighborhood in the country which also explains why you get the best of both worlds if you are capable of living here.
Here are just a few of the top Colleges in the Battery Park City neighborhood. Metropolitan College of New York, International Culinary Center
Battery Park City is considered as one of the neighborhoods being LGBTQ friendly, that being said, this is the place where most of the best bars are found as well such as The Cock and Nassau Bar.
Battery Park City neighborhood is known to be the “Kids Neighborhood”. Most of the best parks, playgrounds, and public libraries are found here. For kids at heart, biking and strolling would be the most fun to do here.
Blue Smoke Gigino At Wagner Park Merchants River House MarkJoseph Steakhouse Sola Pasta Bar
Cafe Lalo Coffee Project NY Inatteso Cafe Laughing Man Coffee & Tea Lox Cafe
Thinking about chilling on a Friday night? This neighborhood also offers a lot of good night life with quality food, great music, and a relaxing ambiance. Some bars are: Iron Bar, Restaurant & Lounge, Jambalaya Brass Band and Sing the night away - Karaoke Bar New York
Beaubourg Merchants River House Pendulum Pier A P.J. Clarke's on the Hudson
Battery Park City was rated one of the top biking spots in New York City and just recently it's also been classified as the top neighborhood in the city for dogs and their owners, such a pet-friendly neighborhood.
The first thing to consider in finding an apartment is its neighborhood. We have to make sure we'll be living in a place where we can feel comfort and security whether we are inside or outside our apartments.

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