The Neighborhood

For those who are living with a youthful outlook and offspring, Williamsburg is the most suitable haven to live. In fact, it is only 10 minutes away from Manhattan via subway.  Some use a bike or walk through the bridge to enjoy the scenic skyline of New York. You’ll love different ethnic groups around this neighborhood. They are friendly and young at heart. The locals here know the definition of fun and enjoying life to its fullest. It is the most favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn.


Like other neighborhoods, it has famous restaurants, pubs, cafes mostly for work from home young professionals, and clothing stores. What sets Williamsburg apart from other neighborhoods is that it showcases numerous shops for vintage books, antique items, and thrift shops.

Some residents here find it cheaper and spacious compared to the other neighborhoods in Manhattan. The nightlife in Williamsburg is amazingly artistic, stunning music venues and superb art galleries. 


Median Rent

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If you own a dog, it might be the home you are desiring for. Most buildings here are dog friendly and so as the neighborhood as a whole. With countless activities, and accessible commute to Manhattan, this district has become more favored by many locals of New York.


This neighborhood is fancy and chic and exciting definitely an ideal home for young professionals, however, If you plan to live here to start a small family you might want to consider other neighborhoods, the noise and the crowd itself is not recommended for young parents and children.

Hot Spots

Brooklyn Bridge

McCarren Park

Domino Park

East River State Park

Artists & Fleas Williamsburg



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