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Everything you should know about Williamsburg

ZIP Code: 11211, 11206

Williamsburg, with its hipster vibe, distilleries, and underground techno venues, is a haven for fun-seeking people. Renting an apartment in Williamsburg isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but if you’re looking to escape the city for a little more artistic culture, this may be the spot for you.

Why you should move to Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a home for young professionals and families alike - and is densely populated with artists, up-and-coming musicians, and other creative types. Williamsburg - and Brooklyn more generally - is rich in ethnic diversity. This hipster neighborhood of New York is babbling with positive energy, offering - for many - a reprieve from the stress of the city.

From simple ramen shops to fancy hotels and urban wear to traditional art, Williamsburg has something for everyone. While late-night party goers make their way to underground warehouses, quieter, family-filled streets see the lights out early.

Live performances frequently take place at venues such as the Music Hall of Williamsburg and the Brick Theater. Though there are always quieter streets, Williamsburg is frequently alive with the sounds of music and bustling bars. If you’re sensitive to noise, it’s worth taking a stroll down a potential street on a Friday night to familiarize yourself with expected noise levels.

What you can do in Williamsburg

Williamsburg has leading branded outlets and storefronts. Find out the best eateries here to tantalize the taste buds and satiate your thirst close to Bedford Avenue, Marcy Avenue and Grand Street.

Head to Brooklyn Bowl for enjoying the delicate blend of bowling alley and concert venue at once. Witness splendid creative performances by artists namely Apryl Altman, Bob Oller, Jimmy Fortune, and many more. Enjoy breathtaking Manhattan views at East River State Park. Call all your friends at Berry Park to throw a party in the beer garden with a spacious roof deck.

The neighborhood vibe

The Vibe
‘Cool’ and ‘Hipster’ are two words frequently used to define the mood of Williamsburg. With colonial imprinted architecture, the streets of Williamsburg reflect a long-standing beauty, sometimes modernized while sometimes kept rough around the edges (on purpose).

the neighborhood heart

The Heart
Bedford Avenue, the longest street in Brooklyn, the first stop on the L train from Manhattan, is a cluster of thrift shops, high-end retail shops, and bagel bakeries.

neighborhood best known for

Best known for
The hipster culture and fun-loving mood combined with posh yet affordable residential rentals in Williamsburg is ideal. The nightlife and party scenes are always on.

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Love sparkling nightlife, gallery shows, and trending fashion outlets? Then Williamsburg is the right neighborhood for you to rent an apartment! Reach out to our Chatbot Alex on Facebook to get apartment recommendations and schedule viewings.

This is what Williamsburg is like

The neighborhood is located in the northern tip of the borough Brooklyn, also known as ’Little Berlin’. It is characterized by the vibrant nightlife, art scene, and hipster culture where you can find diverse sceneries for photo shootings.

Lifestyle in Williamsburg

If you’re looking for a more relaxed lifestyle than what many areas in Manhattan have to offer, Williamsburg is worth exploring. Rent an apartment in Williamsburg to experience the ‘New Brooklyn’ living with a high concentration of everything.

What is it like to live in Williamsburg

The lifestyle here is a fine blend of excitement and calmness. The spectacular skyline view of Manhattan and skyscrapers provide a scenic glimpse into the city nearby. Without being too far from Manhattan, renting an apartment in  Williamsburg will enable you to  enjoy “New Brooklyn” with all its charm.

You will feel at home here because of its warm and cozy aura. If you prefer to live in luxury, look to the new-build apartments popping up on the waterfront - though they come with a price-tag. If you prefer to be in on the action, North 12th street is full of both shops and Residential buildings with wooden clapboard structures. Meanwhile, Wythe Avenue is a perfect blend of commercial and residential space to rent an apartment in Williamsburg. Some houses may even have yards - something you are quite unlikely to find in the city proper.

What is the nightlife like in Williamsburg

Williamsburg has a bustling nightlife scene, with live music and entertainment throughout. This neighborhood is a trendsetter for all ages from pubs to taverns and wine bars. One of the highlights in Williamsburg is the Marquee Nightclub at 289 10th Avenue. Most of the young population or young at heart strolls through the great ambiance of the theaters, underground crowd and techno warehouses.

The artsy nightlife settings of Williamsburg provide outdoor concepts, from seasonal concerts to trendy cafés, waterfront views, and dancing clubs.

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Williamsburg Benefits


Williamsburg offers a unique living experience to its residents. It is a hub of tasty and wide range of cuisines, world-famous brewery, advanced educational institutes, and every modern facility that is considered a necessity.

If you are a peace lover, relieve negative energy at McCarren Park that is a prominent place for Outdoor sports and swimming. You can have a walk with your pet on the streets. . You can also fish at the shoreline of the East River, and enjoy the breathtaking views of East River and Gigantic view of Manhattan Bridge at North 4th Place.

The reduced crime rates, quality educational institutes, easy reach to Manhattan, and the opportunity to experience luxury living style make Williamsburg a place for a tremendous variety of people - from youth to families alike


Williamsburg is a crowded place. The parking lots are always full, making transit by car difficult - though this is not unique to New York City. When exploring rentals in this neighborhood, be sure to check proximity to a subway line - as the L train is the only truly efficient way to get into Midtown Manhattan. 

This neighborhood has undergone gentrification, since the late 1990s which makes it hard for smaller family businesses to survive with the larger competition that open stores in this area.

Public places in Williamsburg

Colleges / Universities

  • Boricua College
  • Society of St Marys of the Snow
  • St. Joseph’s College
  • LaGuardia Community College
  • Pratt Institute
  • Mercy College
  • The New York School For Medical & Dental Assistants


  • NYC Health + Hospitals/Woodhull
  • Brooklyn Hospital Center
  • NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health
  • St Mary’s Hospital of Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Hospital Center
  • Cohen Children's Northwell Health
  • Woodhull Hospital

Parks & Recreation

  • Marsha P. Johnson State Park
  • Grand Ferry Park
  • McCarren Park
  • Domino Park
  • Bushwick Inlet Park
  • East River Park
  • McGolrick Park
  • Northside Piers
  • Williamsburg Waterfront
  • Cooper Park

Places you should visit in Williamsburg

Artists & Fleas Williamsburg

A paradise for handmade artifacts' lover. Compact yet ventilated warehouse offering handcrafted artisan goods, vintage clothing, and items. Dip into Artists and Fleas for a unique experience, unlike other fleas markets. 

Williamsburg Bridge

It played a vital role in New York history. It is stretched over the East River. Carrying J, M, and Z subway lines, a bike path and a walkway, it has a capacity of eight lanes of vehicle. It was opened for more than a century. One, it was the longest bridge in the World.

Domino Park

The modern Green Park offers visitors glorious lush scenery, games, and recreation situated adjacent to the running East River. Some gigantic historical artifacts with a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline allures tourists.

McCarren Park

A calm corner located at the periphery of Williamsburg towards Greenpoint. Vibrant social and recreational hub offering endless games, Pool, and play center. An ideal respite from the stressful daily routine of the city.

How to get around in Williamsburg


subway line L
Bedford Ave
subway line G
subway line Gsubway line Jsubway line M
Flushing Ave
subway line L
Graham Ave
subway line L
Grand St
subway line Jsubway line M
Hewes St
subway line L
Jefferson St
subway line Jsubway line Lsubway line M
Lorimer St
subway line Jsubway line Msubway line Z
Marcy Ave
subway line G
Metropolitan Ave
subway line L
Montrose Ave
subway line L
Morgan Ave
walk score of Williamsburg

Transit Score: 89

Williamsburg public transportation has an excellent score with a total of 14 busses and 4 subway lines passing through. You can get to Lower Manhattan, Midtown, all the way to Park Slope and Bushwick by 30 min.

bike score of Williamsburg

Bike Score: 88

The bike community in Williamsburg is a growing community, thanks to very bikeable, and mostly flat roads that take you to Manhattan when crossing the Williamsburg Bridge.

walk score of Williamsburg

Walk Score: 96

Williamsburg is the 41st most walkable neighborhood in New York City. On average, you only need to walk 5 minutes to reach about 21 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Learn more about Williamsburg

The average rent for a studio in Williamsburg is $2,990.
The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg is $3,500.
The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg is $4,040.
The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg is $4,570.
Williamsburg is famous for being a cluster for fashion trends, music, art, and food, and of course hipster culture. It has several historical places reflecting colonial times.
The cool ambiance and fun aura make your living light-filled here. The best indicative of ’New Brooklyn’ offers a perfect blend of serenity and modernism with diverse nightlife and the contemporary art scenes on the roads.
The iconic neighborhood of Brooklyn is quite safest for tourists and residents. There is a possibility of 24.4 non-violent crimes per 1000 residents. You can walk freely and safely in Williamsburg’s streets at nighttime as well.
Being in a nice, cozy, and fully developed city has a downside too. Just early this year, Williamsburg has reported being one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn focusing on its apartment rent.
Amidst the whole Brooklyn, Williamsburg is one of the friendliest neighborhoods. It hosted the longest-running gay party in Brooklyn with exclusive Gay bars. Even William & Mary provides a flexible environment for LGBTQ.
It is indeed a wise choice to go for rentals in Williamsburg. Award-winning restaurants, lush parks, museums, bars, and cafés are found here for your ultimate fun. At Busch Garden and Jamestown Beach, you can find countless activities to spend your leisure time.
Dusk till dawn, the party never stops at Williamsburg. Bembe for salsa, Arabic dance, and calypso, and Black Flamingo is a pure Miami-style cocktail bar. A global-inspired Dance Spot for better Night Life.
You can find the best pet-friendly activities in Williamsburg. Most of the buildings allow dogs to enter with the owner. In fact, take your woof at c to let him experience water boating. For a leisurely stroll, you must visit Freedom Park.

Neighborhoods nearby Williamsburg you might also like

Everybody wants to spend a lavish life with a convenient commute to Manhattan. These neighborhoods are perfect for rentals in Williamsburg, where decent restaurants, taverns, and recreational hubs are located for those willing to make their living chic and fancy.