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The Neighborhood

Want to experience the best of both worlds? Catch up in Union Square. Formerly called Union Place, the square captivates much of the City's variety and has a vitality on its own possession. Like how the locals best describe it, this is downtown's Times Square.  Union Square is well-defined by its demanding, most awaited Union Square Greenmarket that operates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday all year-round. 


The imaginative living of Union Square doesn't initiate and finish with the artists in the green—there's inside and outside graphic arts to delight in all through the neighborhood. The capacity's most projecting graft of free art is the Countdown Clock  and Metronome  which gazes out above 14th Street. 


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If you’re too busy to cook or don't want to spend hours waiting at the restaurants, then Union Square got your back. This neighborhood prospers with speedy, cheap meal selections. But for those lucky enough to have time to relax, enjoy and unwind Union Square and its vicinities bid a quantity of meaningful feasting experiences. Another thing, Street subway station is the third largest transport hub in the City of New York.


The city is crowded as it is one of the most loved neighborhoods in Manhattan. Parking spaces are not that easy to find as well as you need to do the hustle just to get one.

Hot Spots

Union Square Holiday Market

Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Park

George Washington Statue

Lincoln Building



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