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Everything you should know about SoHo

ZIP Code: 10012, 10013, 10014

SoHo, short for South of Houston. The neighborhood is known for its artistic community with narrow cobblestone streets and arrays of cast-iron buildings. You can find upscale boutiques lined up in the street, mainstream and pop-up retailers.

Why you should move to SoHo

Previously known as “Hell’s Hundred Acre”, it was initially an industrial area during the mid-19th to 20th century. Cast iron was used to decorate pre-existing buildings to attract commercial clients.

It was during the 70s when low rentals for apartments in Soho got young and upcoming artists to take interest and transformed the area into the hip and fashionable area that we are familiar with today.

This shopaholic neighborhood developed as years passed. It is highly trendy for the elites with upscale shops and artsy boutiques. The bar scenes are magnificent, some of them are on the top of Hotels and some are underground. 

SoHo is also known to the Film Industry. Some celebrities who reside here are Arianna Huffington, Jon Bon Jovi, Tiger Woods, Kirsten Dunst. Top rating movies are, Ghostbusters, Mean Streets, Will and Grace, Sex and the City, Across the Universe, Gossip Girl.

Because of its popularity and demand, many tourists flock in this neighborhood, with traffic jams and few parking spaces, private vehicles are not advisable. Public transportation is more convenient here.

Recently, Soho has positioned itself as one of the best neighborhoods to rent an apartment and one of the top tourist destinations in New York. Other known neighborhoods accessible from SoHo are, Greenwich Village, West Village, Noho, and Nolita.

What you can do in SoHo

An oasis of style and in line with trendy boutiques. SoHo’s best attributes feature a wide range of men and women shopping options. The cuisines in SoHo are a contemporary mix of treats from various dishes in every region of the world. One of the favorites here is Balthazar, a seafood icon in SoHo with great menu selection. Although there are no dancing clubs in SoHo, the bars here are highly recommended.

The neighborhood vibe

The Vibe
A vibrant and busy neighborhood with trendy shops, from exclusive boutiques to fancy chain stores. Enjoy the atmosphere of the artsy cobblestone streets, architectures, and galleries.

the neighborhood heart

The Heart
Stroll and explore Broadway from Houston St to Canal St and find popular fashion trends. Worth seeing places like Spring and Prince St are both filled with shops and eclectic street vendors.

neighborhood best known for

Best known for
Once home to many artists during the 60s and 70s, the neighborhood is still well known as an artistic community with various art galleries that will cater for all art enthusiasts.

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Love shopping, art galleries, and cast-iron architectures? Then SoHo is the right Neighborhood for you to rent an apartment! Reach out to our Chatbot Alex on Facebook and find apartments for rent in Soho now.

This is what SoHo is like

A place where one can enjoy the finer things in Manhattan. It is the prime shopping district in NYC . This neighborhood invites the arts and architecture enthusiasts to experience the cast-iron buildings and cobblestone streets in Greene, Prince, and Mercer.

Lifestyle in SoHo

Experience basking in the streets full of creativity and arts; endless shopping galore right at the palm of your hand. Explore visually-stunning architecture, restaurants, bars, and high-end shops in the center of lower Manhattan.

What is it like to live in SoHo

Situated in the center of Lower Manhattan, this neighborhood is famously known for boasting its beautiful art galleries such as the Team Gallery and The Drawing Museum; along with its expressive cast-iron buildings and cobblestone paths, renting an apartment in SoHo is perfect for artists and creative-thinkers all over New York City.

You can usually spot a diversity of people all over the streets of SoHo; fashionistas and glamour enthusiasts in Broadway who move from high-end flagship stores like Hermès, to awesome vintage shops such as Housing Works (whose proceeds go directly to address AIDS and homelessness victims).

Tourists, artists, and art aficionados can also be observed strolling all over this district since the streets are loaded with art galleries. You can also notice families with children visiting the Museum of Ice Cream because who wouldn’t? Despite that, though, you won’t find starving artists living here since the rent is just too expensive. 

Landmarks, restaurants, and other attractions are pretty walkable in this neighborhood so you won’t have any trouble commuting from your rental apartment. SoHo is also very convenient in case you’re planning to move to neighboring districts like Little Italy since several lines pass through this area; take the Blue Line for example, with trains C and E which stops at Spring Street.

What is the nightlife like in SoHo

There’s a wide range of option you can delve into in SoHo when it comes to enjoying the night. Tons of bars, such as The Village Underground, come to life when the clock strikes 6 o’clock in the evening. There’s even Rooftop 93 for people who would like to grab a drink with friends while enjoying the cool, night breeze.

The SoHo Cigar Bar is also perfect for Cigar connoisseurs who’d like to enjoy a nice, relaxing smoke. Aside from that, a variety of restaurants like Lure Fishbar down at 142 Mercer Street are available to chow down for your dinner.

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SoHo Benefits


Since this district is situated in the middle of commerce, renting apartments in SoHo comes with a few perks: you’re surrounded with a wide variety of trendy stores; from Gucci to vintage shops like The Vintage Twin, definitely the neighborhood to spend and do a shopping-spree.

Restaurants and bars are also scattered all over the city. To top it all off, they’re all within walking distance from each other, so you can take off your worries regarding daily commutes. You’ll only need to hop on the subway, train, or a bus in case you’re planning to go to a different borough like Tribeca, for example.


Because of the number of stores and art galleries, many people frequent this neighborhood, so you might find this district quite crowded, especially on Broadway. Despite being surrounded by attractive shopping stores and restaurants, depending on where you’re located in SoHo, there aren’t many major grocery stores within walking distance, so you might end up commuting to stock up on your needs.

Also, if your ideal weekend is to spend the week at clubs or parties, expect to commute to Meatpacking or Bushwick on weekends (respectively). Lastly, in case you’re on a tight budget, renting an apartment in SoHo might not be a good idea since places here are quite a bit pricey.

Public places in SoHo

Colleges / Universities

  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts-New York
  • Arrojo Cosmetology School
  • Colorado Technical University - Online/Stonecliffe
  • Deutsches Haus New York University
  • International Culinary Center
  • Miette Studio
  • New York University - NYU
  • Pohs Institute
  • Studio Jewelers
  • The Cooper Union


  • AFF Lenox Hospital
  • Gasen Hospital
  • Manhattan Pediatric Associates
  • P.C.
  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel
  • Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital Breast Center
  • NY Care Centers
  • NYC Health + Hospitals
  • NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue
  • PadInMotion
  • St. John's Episcopal Hospital

Parks & Recreation

  • 311 West Broadway
  • Central Park
  • Elizabeth Street Garden
  • Father Fagan Park
  • M&M'S World
  • Playground of the Americas
  • Soho Grand Hotel Guest Dog Park
  • SoHo Park
  • Spring Street Park
  • Vesuvio Playground

Places you should visit in SoHo

Children's Museum of the Arts

This museum allows children to explore their creative side with the wide selection of activities offered here, along with parents who'd like to hop in on the fun.

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

Featuring the neighborhood’s support for the LGBTQ community in SoHo, this museum showcases both the talent of the LGBTQ community, as well as how they perceive the world.

Museum of Ice Cream

A trendy and hip museum, famed for its -- you guessed it -- Ice cream theme! Enjoy swimming in sprinkles and adore aesthetically pleasing exhibits with your loved ones.

The Drawing Center

This museum expresses both contemporary and historical significance in the world through the use of drawing exhibits; best of all, the entrance fee is just $5.

How to get around in SoHo


subway line 4subway line 6subway line 6 Express
Bleecker St
subway line Bsubway line Dsubway line Fsubway line M
Broadway - Lafayette St
subway line 1subway line 2subway line 4subway line 6subway line 6 Expresssubway line Jsubway line Nsubway line Qsubway line Rsubway line Wsubway line Z
Canal St
subway line Asubway line Csubway line E
Canal St - Holland Tunnel
subway line 1subway line 2
Franklin St
subway line 1subway line 2
Houston St
subway line Nsubway line Qsubway line Rsubway line W
Prince St
subway line 4subway line 6subway line 6 Expresssubway line Asubway line Csubway line E
Spring St
walk score of SoHo

Transit Score: 100

Based on its rating as you can see, the score speaks for itself. You have very good subway access when you rent an apartment in Soho. There are tons of lines to get in.

bike score of SoHo

Bike Score: 93

SoHo has it for easy biking. Citibike locations can be seen everywhere and it really is the place to be whenever you feel the need to go on biking.

walk score of SoHo

Walk Score: 100

One of the safest neighborhoods to roam around if you'd like to move on your feet. Even a late-night walk will do if you feel like it. That explains what a perfect score is.

Learn more about SoHo

The average rent for a studio in SoHo is $3,410.
The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in SoHo is $4,240.
The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in SoHo is $7,650.
The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in SoHo is $13,190.
SoHo is known for its art galleries some of which are Artists Space and The Drawing Center. The neighborhood also highlights its museums such as Tomatoland Pop Up and Museum of Chinese in America.
SoHo is one of New York’s hippest neighborhoods nowadays. It has improved over the past few eras and is now a diversified profitable and housing area. This neighborhood is also considered a popular destination.
In general, Soho is a safe place to live. From SoHo to the financial district people can go through TriBeCa and enjoy the sights. You would probably be amazed at what you could see instead of being afraid while in this city.
Considering it's one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city of New York, you should also be aware that living here is quite expensive. To live a comfortable life in SoHo, one must have at least a salary of $3,500 a month.
SoHo is indeed a place for the LGBTQ community. This neighborhood has several hotels designed for LGBTQ. Not just that, the well known Leslie-Lohman Museum also speaks directly to the LGBTQ experience.
Want to have some fun? Go on shopping! This neighborhood is also known for its shopping centers located in Sixth Avenue, Houston Street south, Canal Street, and Broadway. Some of which are Victoria's Secret, Bebe, and Club Monaco
Talking about the nightlife, being surrounded by different well-known bars for live music, night clubs and restaurants, this place is simply one of the best. Here is where City Winery, Baby Grand, and Ear Inn are located.
SoHo ranked at number 5, for being one of the Most Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in the city of New York. The Salon at the Soho Grand Hotel is one of the most recommended dog-friendly lounges in the city.

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