The Neighborhood

Who wouldn’t love the beautiful neighborhood of SoHo? SoHo positions for South of Houston Street. The abbreviation was created by Chester Rapkin, a municipal development officer who published a report in the 1960s and called “The South Houston Industrial Area”. 


New York is recognized for abundant street landscape. SoHo is one of the upper neighborhoods to grasp both lasting works of street art as well as unplanned spray-paint art and sticker art. SoHo is one of the top tourism endpoints in the ecosphere. It is unquestionably a neighborhood you do not want to miss in NYC.


Median Rent

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Lower Manhattan holds some of the supreme lovable, dynamic, and fascinating neighborhoods in all of New York.


SoHo can similarly be pretty lavish, considering how in-demand this neighborhood is. This neighborhood tends to be crowded at all times the fact that it is known as the top shopping destination, so if you are planning to go on shopping my advice is to do it during weekdays as the number of shoppers doubles come weekends. 

Hot Spots

New York City Fire Museum
Museum of Ice Cream
Cast Iron Architecture
Rooftop Bar of the James Hotel
The Drawing Center


A, ​C, E 

M21, M1, M55 

1, 2, N, ​Q, ​R, W, 4, ​6