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The Neighborhood

Travelling to Italy has never been more enticing; but instead of flying over to the country, why not hop on the F train to Broadway/Lafayette Station to cut the distance shorter? Originally served as a home for immigrants back in 1800, Little Italy has managed to retain its old vintage, italian charm, which makes it perfect for old-souls and wander-lusts to have a nice romantic date that turns “Ti amo” a universal language, or just simply enjoy the stunning ambiance this neighborhood offers. Situated on Mulberry Street, this little wonder will give you a vigorous experience, starting from their abstract “Welcome” signs, down to aesthetic, cinematic street arts.


This neighborhood boasts its mastery over the italian cuisine. Dining at any restaurant in this district will make you feel like you’ve travelled to a different country in every bite you take. You will also feel the festive spirit this area gives off, as there are multiple celebrations the locals celebrate here, such as the “Feast of San Gennaro,” which covers the whole stretch of Mulberry street, between the Canal streets and Houston for 11 days, every September. 


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Perfect for food enthusiasts who favor italian cuisines above all. Little Italy also has the best sceneries out there, compared to your average district, which makes it one of the prime choices for people who are passionate about photography or just want to get a candid story on instagram. 


Although the food and scenery are great and all, the prices in this neighborhood are actually a bit steeper than most areas. Also, if you’re not a fan of narrow streets and clusters of people, you might not prefer to hang out on crowded occasions. 

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