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The Neighborhood

This neighborhood is famous in the world for its African American heritage. It has generations of food, art, and iconic clubs, as well as jazz music. This village was originally a Dutch village and was formally organized in 1658. Most of the people here are of Jewish and Italian-Americans descent until African-Americans also resided in the community. During the 2nd world war, crime rates here were high, but now this is one of the safest communities in NYC. 


It boasts a soulful community, passion for music, food, and cultural events. It has a community-oriented atmosphere. 


Median Rent

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A very quiet residential neighborhood which you’ll love. Despite being a quiet neighborhood, the community is also into jazz music, has a good history of great food and art.


If you’re into nightlife, then this neighborhood is not for you. Also, there are a lot of gangs here so if you’re not comfortable living with gangsters, then this neighborhood is not also for you. 

Hot Spots

Marcus Garvey Park

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

St. Nicholas Park

Jackie Robinson Recreation Center

Alexander Hamilton Grange National Memorial



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