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The Neighborhood

The “Greenwich Village” is an adored combination of the finest that New York has to offer. A various cluster of people who gives liveliness of this dynamic yet well-mannered piece of Manhattan.


This neighborhood is beautiful, has respected schools and neighbors, and it has easy access to everything you need. Talk about entertainment?! Name it here as it spreads both in the Village and in the surrounding areas. If you are planning to travel here, then this is something you have to see, especially on Halloween when the annual parade starts. There are many notable places, off-Broadway auditoriums, not to mention the food and shopping places.


Median Rent

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Greenwich Village is said to be the core of New York City. With its cheerful city beat, modern scene, lively nightlife, and distinctive folks, this piece of the town is a prided traveler place and the sundry symbol of borough values.


Most of the district's lanes are narrow and curved at bizarre viewpoints. Street parking in this district is very challenging. There is a very restricted volume of space and it is always aggressively expensive to get a space. I would suggest not bringing your own car if you plan to stay in this neighborhood for a couple of days. 

Hot Spots

Judson Memorial Church

Washington Square Park

Giuseppe Garibaldi Statue

Bleecker Street Blue Note Jazz Club



4, C, Q, R, W


M1, M2