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The Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Gramercy is perceived to be quiet and safe and known as a beautiful neighborhood. It has a private park where only those who live within the perimeter can unlock the gate with a key but for a fee. As of 2008, each key costs $350 and changes annually to prevent duplication. 


If Manhattan is fast, busy, loud, and defined by change, Gramercy is leisurely, tranquil, and has withstood the test of time as a central location of tradition and history while still maintaining downtown ties


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For those who are not fond of downtown life or in being part of the daily grind of Midtown, Gramercy NYC can be your quiet, safe haven within Manhattan. It is ideal for young couples to start a family. They have this green and home-like environment which is really inviting plus the Private garden is a really good point of selling. There are so many recreational activities for all ages.


It is the most desirable area in Manhattan. However, It is not a neighborhood for everyone. It is very difficult and very expensive to move to Gramercy. For tourists, the area is nice for a visit but not much else. Also, the streets are tight for public parking.  

Hot Spots

The Statue of Edwin Booth

Brother of President Lincoln’s Assassinator

Gramercy Park



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