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The Neighborhood

The home of appetizing and savory cuisines in the heart of Manhattan. This neighborhood is one of the must-visit tourist attractions for travelers who wished to taste a little of China. The authenticity of the area makes it remarkable for visitors. They have Canal Street where you can find good deal items -- don’t be shy to haggle, and walking tours from Chinatown to other nearby neighborhoods. 


One of the oldest Chinatown in the country and has not yet lost its Authenticity. The neighborhood is friendly and you will see residents smiling at everyone every time. Mostly loved by New Yorkers for a visit, to shop affordable and quality foods. In the afternoon, you will mostly see students gathering to bubble tea shops ordering milk tea and in the park, residents flock together for their daily activities like mahjong, and chinese chess, karaoke or just a simple rest and feeling the breeze of the clean and green breeze of Columbus Park. 


Median Rent

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It is famous for having great restaurants, cheap items, affordable homes, easy public transit from and to other neighborhoods. They have great schools too and because of its standard and quality, it's not easy to get in. Recommended for young couples looking for cheap rents, at least cheaper compared to other parts in Manhattan.


The homes, though affordable, are smaller and mostly walk-ups. One of the concerns of the residents are the parking spaces, it is rare to find one but very accessible for public transits. 

Hot Spots

Museum of Chinese in America

Mahayana Temple Buddhist Association

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Columbus Park



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