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The Neighborhood

A vibrant neighborhood filled with creativity and life. Most residents here are Hispanics, Dominican, and Puerto Rican. The contemporary mixed cuisines are inviting to many especially for those young professionals who’d like to have fun and explore more. They have good thrift shops, plenty of bars and dancing clubs and as you walk through the streets you'll be amazed by their beautiful murals on street walls.


The neighbors themselves are engaging, they have plenty of activities, besides the loud music at night, Bushwick is a popular place in summer, in the Flushing and Bushwick Avenue you will find a beautiful Park with a pool. This park is where most families flock together. The residents in Bushwick are very friendly and outgoing. Once you move into the district you’ll feel like you are already part of the neighborhood, They are hospitable and welcoming.


Median Rent

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This graffiti-town like district is inevitably most popular among young adults and young at heart. The neighborhood is a residential area with renovated buildings surrounded by friendly pubs and affordable homes, mouth-watering dining and accessible transit to Manhattan. 


It has plenty to offer, yes, but this neighborhood is not ideal for those who are starting a small family. It is wild at night with all the loud music and parties, the schools are average and the streets are not well maintained. 

Hot Spots

Maria Hernandez Park

Bushwick Mural Streets

Know Waste Island

Syndicated Bar

Silent Barn



J, L, M, and Z


B13, B26, B38, B52, B54, and B60