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The Neighborhood

Astoria is one of the finest vicinities in Queens, home to a various municipal of middle-class citizens. Over the past few years, more young professional kinds and few hipsters have learned the neighborhood. Just across the East River from Midtown, this neighborhood is a source of intercontinental values and feasting. It has a lifelong Greek existence and a Little Egypt. 


A home for Italian and Greek food, a food paradise as they say. One of the top residences to live in New York. Having a life in Astoria promotes its people a solid town touch and most people are on home rentals. In this neighborhood there are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, bars and parks. There are quite young professionals living here and people have a tendency to be open-minded. The community schools here are above normal.


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You can definitely walk the streets without being bothered at any time of day. Most of the people in this city are approachable and pleasant as they wouldn’t bother saying “Hello” especially when they recognize you. It’s super convenient as it’s just about a 15-minute train ride into the city. Everything is within walking distance. It’s gentrified very quickly.


Astoria promotes a small-town feel in spite of being in the gigantic city. So even if there are only a few tourists or residents here due to its small-town size it has a tendency to become crowded easily. 

Hot Spots

The Astoria Column

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Flavel House Museum

Oregon Film Museum

Astoria Riverfront Trolley



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