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The Neighborhood

Residents call Jamaica Plain “JP.” The typical streetcar district that has become one of Boston’s liveliest neighborhoods. Bordered by the Arnold Arboretum, Emerald Necklace, Jamaica Pond, and Franklin Park, it is the best place to dine, relax and unwind. The place has a huge quantity of Latin preserved industries and people and is the focus of native holidays, cathedrals, and innovative crowds.


This neighborhood had fascinated a huge quantity of college-educated pros, artists and political activists. No fee summertime occasions like Summer Sundays in the Park propose people an opportunity to get out and grasp a concert or see movies. Whether you want to disconnect from the city or a place to go for a run, it's the best place for a picnic or an after lunch wander.



Its community sense is that it is Home to a share of the Emerald Necklace. As for food, this neighborhood offers a healthy lifestyle. Talk about bars, you'll definitely catch all from classic plunges to chic blend bars. Housing rentals in JP are usually cheaper compared to other neighborhoods in Boston.


Since the housing rentals are undeniably cheaper, the not so good thing about it is that it would give you the hassle in finding one as apartments are often occupied already. Also, commuting through the orange line subway takes forever most of the time. 

Hot Spots

Emerald Necklace

Olmsted Park


Hunnewell Visitor Center

Pinebank Promontory



38, 39, 41




Orange Line