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The Neighborhood

Want to be in one of the best neighborhoods in Boston? Eastie is what its locals call it. Having a life in this neighborhood promotes an inner-city inhabited blend sense and most populations rent their homes. In East Boston, there are a lot of parks, coffee shops and restaurants. Young families and professionals reside in East Boston and people tend to be open-minded.  


This neighborhood was once a midpoint for shipbuilding, but it has continuously remained a district of immigrants. You can appreciate the mixture in the neighborhood’s countless traditional restaurants. Way back, the district has become so known with young pros in line for its practical rates and closeness to the inner city, that stockholders and inventors have taken advantage of on space’s perspective, trade, modernizing, and constructing up new assets at the speedy hustle.


Median Rent

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You wouldn’t have a hard time commuting in this neighborhood through the subway blue line. This neighborhood offers reasonably a tad of commutability among easy shopping and public services. Luckily for students, Boston in itself bids the comfort of quite a lot of eminent universities.


The not so good side of East Boston is that; homelessness is something that some people couldn’t get away from. This neighborhood has a tendency to get crowded at times as the cost of living is not that high compared to other Boston’s districts.

Hot Spots


Piers Park Lane

LoPresti Park

East Boston Greenway

Constitution Beach



114, 116, 117, 120, 121


Newburyport/ Rockport Line


Blue Line