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The Neighborhood

It is where the business district of the City is located. High-rise buildings, accessible shopping centers, cafes, bars and public transports. They also have a beautiful public park called Boston Common where public assemblies are being held, activities that require a wide range, catching young professionals and university students relaxed by a peaceful ambience of a clean and green environment. 

Boston as a whole is a very small city which means most residents here are walking from here and there and weekend trips to nearby destinations are easier.


With the Historical structures and enjoyment and revenue it brings, this neighborhood became more diverse and rich with opportunities, to local residents and to the tourists.  

During night time, there are plenty of parties happening, amazing events in the bars with such perfect cocktails. The restaurant establishments matched up with different ages, highly recommended for both you adults and adults that are young at heart.


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Boston has 4 weather, the best so far is the summer. It doesn’t get really hot during the Summer, it is milder than the other cities, ideal days for everyone to go out and enjoy the Boston Common. 

Downtown Boston is more of a commercial than a residential community. With its numerous businesses around, It isn’t questionable that many traders spend their investments in this magnificent neighborhood. 


Because of its size, Boston Downtown has a very tight Parking space especially if there are games going, you have to make sure you did your search before leaving your house or you’ll get stuck in the traffic.

Hot Spots

Dreamland Wax Museum

Boston Old City Hall

Custom House

Boston Common



Red, Orange and Green Lights