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The Neighborhood

Named after the American poet and painter, Washington Allston. Allston is also one of the most acknowledged neighborhoods in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. This neighborhood really is the core of the district for most guests. It's a marketable district in an uneven hourglass figure, aligned where Brighton and Harvard Avenues cross. Union Square is what its western edge is also called.


Want to have some time doing nothing? Who wouldn’t love to watch people? This neighborhood has it as one of its best activities. You’ll discover a sensational blend of civilizations and age groups, from upper middle-class college teens to Vietnamese migrants to the local Russian community.


Median Rent

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Relaxation after a full week of hard work? Almost any club, restaurant, shop, bar or you-name-it can be seen in this tightly filled zone so this place is really for you. As for parking, this neighborhood offers a lot of resident permit parking especially Park Vale and Glenville.


On the contrary, since Allston is such a swarming and demanding neighborhood, more often than not this neighborhood becomes easy to unnoticed the good food places. Not just that, considering its affordable housing, this one has a large homeless population as well. 

Hot Spots

Boston University Bridge

Christian Herter Park

Harvard Avenue Fire Station

Ringer Park

Christian Herter Park



57, 66


Franklin Line


Green Line B