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Alpaca's social media groups are a place for community members to find and post housing. With groups across dozens of countries and hundreds of cities, Alpaca manages one of the largest rental-focused communities in the world. Find your community and find your next home.

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Avoid the scams.

We use artificial intelligence to automatically reject spam or suspicious users, ensuring our feed displays trustworthy, rental-focused content from vetted community members.

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Find and post listings for free.

Whether you're looking for a short-term sublet with roommates or an apartment all to yourself, you're bound to find it in our communities. Posting and searching in our Facebook groups will always be free to our users.

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Reach a new audience.

When you need to find or rent out a place quickly, advertising to a large audience is key. Post in our Facebook groups for rapid replies.

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Seek advice from locals.

Our members are always happy to provide advice on neighborhoods or what to expect in the rental market, so you're never alone in finding your next home.